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Erica Greve Unlikely Heroes Rescue Stories

At Unlikely Heroes our vision and mission are global. Our Heroes are on the front lines every day working to rescue, restore and rehabilitate child victims out of slavery. Since 2011, we have rescued hundreds of children and their journey to freedom starts in one of our 5 restoration homes located around the world.
Our experienced Unlikely Heroes teams are on the ground in the United States, Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines, providing the very best in restorative care, safe housing, education, life skills, medical care, counseling, stability and love to every single child we care for.

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Over the years, we’ve worked closely with many news agencies and celebrities around the world to help bring more girls out of human trafficking. We’ve hosted world fundraising events, media opportunities, and experiences that have a lasting impact on the world.

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Goldie’s House Is Now Open & Almost Full!

Our 8-bed restoration home in Dallas, Texas has already become an oasis of hope and healing to children rescued from a life of slavery. Thanks to your incredible support, the girls in our home are now safe, happy and thriving!

She is Free!

Nora lived with her aunt, who was unable to provide her with the necessary care she needed. Forced to find a job and try to provide for herself, Nora began working at a local bar at only 17 years-old.

After a few months, the bar owner manipulated Nora into selling her body. The bar owner threatened that Nora would lose her job if she refused. She was terrified to lose her job because she had no other options — Nora felt completely trapped and alone. She began going from bar to bar where she was forced to dress up in high heels and sell her body. Nora was raped by up to 20 men a day. She thought she was going to be trapped in this nightmare forever.

Through our weekly outreach, our rescue team immediately recognized Nora’s horrifying situation and began building trust with her. Our team alerted authorities to organize a rescue, helping Nora escape her horrors and transition into our restoration home. Now, Nora lives in our home where she can be safe and continue her education. She finally goes to bed without the fears of tomorrow keeping her up all night. Because of YOU, Nora is moving forward, one day at a time. ❤️