We are excited to announce the Unlikely Heroes Move For Freedom! Join us this July to celebrate freedom and raise funds to provide safe housing, education, medical care, trauma therapy and so much more to the children in our care. Together, we can help bring freedom to children in need and give futures back!

You can celebrate freedom in lots of ways– ride your bike, run, hop on your Peloton, walk, do yoga, and so much more! You can participate anytime and anywhere by getting out and moving (while still social distancing, of course!). Don’t do this alone – gather your friends and family because it’s better together. Can we count on you to bring freedom this July?

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Weekly Prize Contests!

  • • Participant Raffles
  • • Top Weekly Fundraiser
  • • Most Miles Recorded In A Week
  • • Social Tagging/Sharing Raffles
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The Fun Starts July 1st

Let’s get moving together. Join our virtual training group and start logging your miles (and fundraising!) before July 31st.

Stay connected. Stay active. Bring Freedom.

Step One

Sign Up for the Unlikely Heroes Move For Freedom as a virtual participant.

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Step Two

Join the Free Unlikely Heroes Strava Club and create your individual profile for the virtual ride.

Join The Community

Use a different App to track your fitness? No problem! Track your journey however you want but don’t forget to manually enter your activity into Strava to be entered to win weekly prizes.

Step Three

Can’t ride but still want to help out? Become a hero today through your contributions!

A Few Tips On Making The Best Of The Month!

Here’s How We Can All Help:

Set GoalsSet Your Fundraising and Riding Goals as high as you want! Challenge yourself and others with lofty goals.

Go RideRide a stationary bike, ride around town, hit the dirt, walk, stroll, roll, hike, hop on your Peloton or lace up your trainers and log your miles using your Strava Club account or your App.

Take PicsCapture yourself (selfie time!) of you, inside, outside or wherever, and send a pic to media@unlikelyheroes.com with your story of why you’re riding virtually for Unlikely Heroes.

Share & TagShare your journey on Social Media and make sure to tag Unlikely Heroes Facebook: @UnlikelyHeroes.LoveIsHeroic // Instagram: @uheroes #moveforfreedom #ourloveisheroic

Invite FamCreate a team and get your community involved virtually (social distancing please!) in healthy activities.